Basketball Specific Weight Training Tips

Training for basketball has certain requirements. Specifically basketball in the new millennium, the sport is about burning fat and building muscle. The best muscle building fat burning supplement, UMinus20, is here to help you get ready to dominate the hardwoods this winter. Here are some popular basketball specific weight training tips. 

Weight Train Your Muscles

To gain muscle and lose fat for basketball training, you need to make it a point to overload your muscles enough to promote serious muscle growth. As a someone training for basketball, this means that you need to exercise all of your muscle groups at a minimum two times each week and preferably working out three times a week, at least. 

Put Some Cardio in Your Training

Some weight lifters, bodybuilders and even those training specifically for basketball, live in fear that too much aerobic exercise will cause some sort of delay or even inhibit their muscles from growing. Basketball is a cardio intense sport, and aerobic exercise is good for your:

  • Overall health
  • Burns calories
  • Melts away fat
  • Assists in muscle growth

Another way to increase your metabolism is by taking supplements to speed metabolism

Change Training Intensity

If your workouts appear to be stagnant, and it seems as if you are not getting any further gains after a few months, try changing your weight training intensity. Your body will respond to multiple variations in training intensity and weight training for basketball program. If losing weight for the season quickly is your goal, try a circuit program workout program like CrossFit.

Switch Up Your Weight Training Workout Time

Bio-rhythms can be different for people and this may affect the way you train and your results. As an example, a stress hormone called cortisol, is at its highest in the first thing in the morning for most people.

Make Sure to Get Plenty of Sleep

Again, this may not sound critical but, stress hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol can wreak havoc with muscle development and fat loss. Sleep is key to basketball specific weight training

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