Scott Moon discovers new energy and fast recovery with Uminus20

I had the privilege to consume U-20 across two separate intervals of 5-7 days. 

While ignorant to the ingredients and the benefits, I was willing to add U-20 into my routine during a heavy training stage where I was also attempting to drop a few extra pounds. Whether placebo, awareness, added motivation or the active ingredients of U-20, I found U-20 gave me the confidence to ride in the morning hours fasted for a period of time into my ride. Also, U-20 seemed to fill my gut during the hours of the day between meals where I normally would add unhealthy calorie options. (U-20 is one of the best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain fast.)

My second go-around with U-20 was following a 4-day, 3-stage ride/race that left me physically drained. Adding U-20 back into my routine, even during a markedly lower training volume, assisted in turning the corner on my post-event well being. While I cannot put into words how U-20 made me “feel” nor how the product chemically lifted me out of a slump but I believe it is worth adding to a routine to experience the benefits. 

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