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What you eat, breathe, drink, feel, and think has the power to alter your physical body and all aspects of your health.


Initial Consultation Includes

  🌟 Food journal review

  🌟 Setting goals

  🌟 Morning and evening routines

  🌟 Food choices


Weekly Coaching Includes

  🌟 Phone or Zoom consultation

  🌟 Weekly check in

  🌟 Modifications to plan


Human Design Interpretation

  🌟 Personalized report based on who YOU are

  🌟 How your energy is best used

  🌟 What are your natural gifts

**accurate birth date, time and location required**


Blood Panel Evaluation

  🌟 Personalized report

  🌟 Putting you in an ideal range for your lifestyle, not what our society says is "normal"

  🌟 Supplement recommendations

  🌟 Referrals to specialists around the country


Private and Corporate Speaking

  🌟 I come to you!

  🌟 Presenting information on topics you choose in advance

  🌟 Q&A session after every event

  🌟 Sample my product Uminus20

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