U-20 Vitamin Drink Mix

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UMinus20 (U-20) is an advanced nutritional supplement developed to fill the gaps in your daily diet. From immune and overall health support to athletic performance and recovery, U-20 provides next-level nutrition for the next level of life. 

Based on a proprietary formulation of the highest quality bio-available ingredients, U-20 is an optimal blend of vital nutrients, essential amino acids and an advanced colostrum and collagen formula delivering amazing results to help you live the best life ever.

Key Benefits:
Supports Heat Acclimation
Reduces Bloating
Loss of Belly Fat
Supports Muscle Recovery
Boosts Energy
Improves Mood
Reduces Anxiety
Regulates Body Temperature
Restores Sleep
Increases Metabolism
Resets Weight Supports HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)
Does NOT Interfere with Medications
Supports Gut Health
Eliminates Heartburn and Indigestion
Eliminates GERD
Supports Optimal Health
Reduces Blood Pressure
Relieves Allergies
Lowers Cholesterol
Relieves Eczema
Eliminates PMS Symptoms 

How To Use:
1. Mix with 8oz. of water
2. Drink on an empty stomach

Suggested Uses:
Optimal Health
1 scoop twice daily for 2-4 weeks.
Maintenance dose of one scoop per day following the loading period.

Athletic Performance
1 scoop 30 minutes prior to physical activity and one scoop immediately following.

Meal Replacement
1 scoop in the morning will not break a fasted state.

  • Fat Focused Weight Loss!
  • Increase Performance!
  • Enhance Cellular Renewal!
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