U-20 Next Level Drink Mix ($1.67/serving)

This is the Uminus20 formula that is America's Favorite Premium Weight Loss Fat Burner with hundreds of satisfied customers!

Are you like most middle-aged women who have had their diet and exercise hit a plateau that kept them from reaching their weight loss goals?

Do you experience HOT FLASHES?
How about MOOD SWINGS?


If so, we recommend you give U-20 a try, it's trusted by hundreds of women just like you...

Uminus20 is Specifically Formulated For Your Demanding Lifestyle!

Let's face it, with our uber-busy schedules we all have found it harder now to drop pounds than it used to be.

Between running the kids everywhere and working so many hours a week, there is hardly ever any "ME" time anymore.

If you are fortunate enough to have a few extra minutes you probably have no energy left to do anything.

This is exactly why I developed U-20, to give busy women like you a much-needed edge.

Experience the energy, appetite control, and carb craving control that nature forgot.



  • Appetite Control - Curb Those Pesky Carb Cravings*
  • Metabolism Boost - Burn Carbs And Calories Faster*
  • Energy - Get More Out Of Your Workout*
  • Positive Mood - Better Mental Clarity And Focus*
  • Fat Burning - Lose Unwanted Fat In Problem Areas*


It's the golden ticket ladies!!

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