about MC nutrition

Matt and Chris Tanner started their business because they couldn’t locate quality products in the market that met the needs of their lifestyles and standards.

Most of today’s nutrition products don’t enhance your natural energy. They simply deliver artificial boosts with temporary results, a subsequent crash, or use ingredients with negative long-term effects.

In other words, many products give you energy for right now, without considering how they affect the rest of your life.

All of the products produced by MC Nutrition are:

  • Research-backed and quality tested
  • Made with the cleanest ingredients available to science and nature
  • Designed to support sustained, natural energy without the artificial boost or crash

Chris' story

Chris’ story of developing menopause symptoms helped to formulate MC Nutrition’s first product called Uminus20. After raving reviews from other women fighting menopause, we have discovered that other groups of people (such as athletes) have an breakthrough response to the ingredients in U-20.