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I help people reduce fat, lower blood pressure, fix menopause symptoms, build muscle, find strength, and stop taking prescription medications.

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Why work with Christine?

If you're looking to transform your life and improve your overall health, then you need to know about Christine Tanner. With her proven techniques and expertise, Christine has helped hundreds of people achieve extraordinary results, from weight loss to no need for prescription medications.

But what sets Christine apart from others in the field is her unique approach to nutrition. Her techniques are designed to incorporate with your current lifestyle, not change it. This means that you can achieve your goals without sacrificing your favorite foods or disrupting your daily routine.

Christine has worked with a broad spectrum of people, from cancer patients to athletes to menopausal women, and has helped each of them achieve their unique health goals. Her dedication and passion for her work is evident in everything she does, and her clients rave about the results they've achieved under her guidance.

In 2018, Christine took her expertise to the next level and formulated her own health drink called Uminus20. This formula has a devoted following and has been the cornerstone of her business, MC Nutrition.

Working with Christine is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that you don't want to miss. Her dedication, passion, and expertise are second to none, and she will work with you to achieve your goals in a way that fits your lifestyle.