No matter your lifestyle,

we'll improve it!

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U-20 Next Level Drink Mix
  • Appetite Control - Curb those pesky carb cravings!

  • Metabolism Boost - Burn carbs and calories faster!

  • Energy - Get more out of your workout!

  • Burn Fat - Lose unwanted fat in problem areas!

More strength and energy than ever!
I am a 64 year old and a competition water-skier. I train hard 5-6 days per week doing challenging Cardio-fit...
I LOVE U-20!
I love U-20!! It gives me energy and it has boosted my metabolism and it is allowing my body to...
Shiny Hair, Glowing skin and NO MORE Acid Reflux!
I have to tell you... in the last two weeks I have received SO MANY comments about my hair and...

Meet the founders,

Matt and Chris

As I approached my 50th birthday, my body began to change. I couldn’t eat the foods I used to. I was having trouble regulating my body temperature, my energy was low and I was having trouble controlling my weight.

I consulted my doctor and I was always looking for the next bio hack from podcasts and website blogs, but nothing I tried was relieving my symptoms. That's when I decided to figure it out myself.

Matt developed our branding and website and I created the formula for U-20. Together we launched MC Nutrition and began production of our first product in a FDA approved lab.

Today MC Nutrition is growing and we are introducing more products that we have designed to meet the needs of our active lifestyle.

We truly believe no matter YOUR lifestyle, we can improve it!

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