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Kanesha wrote,

"I just love how there's not 8 million different things to do. U-20 makes it so simple! And quite frankly, its hard to keep up with other products. Sometimes you run out of different supplements at different times and you really can't keep up with all of it. I LOVE ONE product that works on everything!

Can't wait to get my next order!!"

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Monica Cooper

I’ve been using U-20 for two months now and am thrilled at the changes in my health. My hot flashes are 95% gone, and I sleep much deeper without several trips to the bathroom during sleeping hours. Most amazingly, my blood pressure has dropped! I’ve had my BP checked by medical professionals three times over the last two months, and each time the reading has been at least 20 points lower, even during more anxiety-prone moments (like being at the dentist). I like the fact that this powder mixes so easily (no grit) and has a pleasant taste. Have been recommending to my family and friends.

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