My trip through menopause

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My trip through menopause

My trip through menopause has been a roller coaster ride for my physical and emotional health. Menopause effects the whole family. I can see why marriages struggle in midlife. My body has been taken over by something foreign. What worked when I was 35, no longer works at 53.

I’m not saying I have all the answers or even some. I know that we are all different and our bodies are reacting differently. But I want to share as many symptoms as I can. Before finding other women who have or are going through it, I thought I was alone and quite honestly crazy.

Menopause Symptoms

Night sweats

Hot Flashes


Hair Loss

Dry Skin

Mood Swings


Panic Attacks

Joint Pain

Headaches (extended time)

Weight Gain

Daily Weight Fluctuations







Anti Social



Out of Control


Amplified Emotions


There are four areas that I have found have helped me regain my “normal” self.

I have been seeing a functional doctor for almost 20 years now. He as transitioned me through menopause with HRT, Thyroid and Peptides. Through my blood tests (every 6 months) he has adjusted all my hormones with my help. So most of the physical symptoms have gone away. He said I had high histamine as well as bacterial fungal issues. He cleared those up for me. The itchiness and hives were going to bring me down for sure.

My diet throughout my adult life has been considered ketogenic. I have always eaten fats, meat, fish, and veggies. No grains, dairy, or fruit for 90% of my life. When menopause hit me just before my 50th birthday my diet needed to change. The food I was eating was making me sick. Hives, achy joints (like gout and RA), bloating, weight fluctuations. I finally realized it was the veggies that were creating my symptoms. So, I started eating strict carnivore. Since I started the WOE (way of eating) all my symptoms have disappeared. I no longer have any bloating, rashes, hair loss, dry skin, achy joints. My weight is back to normal (118lbs). I have been this weight for 40 years and through 4 births so I know this is the right weight for my body. My mind is clear, I’m still forgetful, but my blood tests are great, no issues. My Dexa Scan showed improvement in muscle mass, fat loss and my bone density is in the 93 percentile!

I started taking inositol, glycine and salt in my coffee in the morning and again in water before bed. This combination eliminated my anxiety and panic attacks. I still drink U-20 2x/day but I also add in extra Creatine and DMG as a post workout Recovery Drink. Then I drink another one around 2pm. Then I eat OMAD (one meal a day) around 4pm. Some days I eat TMAD (two meals a day) and still drink U-20 2x/day.

People who know me know I am a Jazzercise Super Fan! I’ve lifted weights my whole life. When I found Jazz 16 years ago, I was hooked! They have free weight routines set to music. I no longer need to put a workout together. It’s done for me. Cardio has never been in my workouts, but now I know, at my stage of life, there will not be any cardio in my routine. As we age we need muscle to help keep us from becoming frail, falling, breaking bones. So I lift every day for 45 minutes. A few times a month I’ll lift for 2-3 hours a few days. I walk, I ride my bike, I swim in the ocean, but no structured cardio ever.

I’m about to turn 53 years old. I am at peace with my stage of life. I know I must keep “adjusting” when my body goes haywire, but I have figured out what is best for my body and brain. I know Matt is happier too! 😁

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