So to say the least we love it! 

To be honest I am in shock at how wonderful I feel! My energy levels are up, my recovery time after workouts have lessened. The major change is I have been struggling with a hormonal imbalance since I had my daughter, 5 years ago. I suffer from panic attacks every month, this and I kid you not is the first month I have NOT had one! I am a little in disbelief that a drink could change that for me but I truly believe it has made that difference.

Kaleb is feeling great as well. Still has some tension and soreness in his joints but that is understandable from 13 years of football. He plays basketball on Wednesdays and last week was the first week he was not in extreme pain after playing, same as last night. In the morning it is making it easier for him to get going, his body moves faster and well as his mind.

So to say the least we love it! 

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