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My initial consultation is where we really get to know each other. I learn about your goals and we analyze your current lifestyle. 


Many people continue with Monthly Coaching to stay on track. Monthly Coaching can be added on after your first consultation.



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Customer Reviews

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Josh Ginsburg
Chris and Matt are a double threat coaching team!!

Despite rewriting nearly my entire Power Catalogue, enjoying a level of professional service in which I receive a consistently and timely detailed workout schedule, have been the recipient of an incredibly helpful nutritionist, and performed to my goal expectations at several events in 2022, it wasn't until today, 18 months since first engaging and after a month of listening to Matt and Christine relative to moving more macros to protein, and saw myself hit a new top power number, am I now ready to fully, confidently, and strongly endorse Matt Tanner as a Coach, and Christine Tanner for her professional nutritional leadership.

I've probably spent the last decade plus not consuming enough protein, and telling myself that my weight loss was singularly positive for my performance. While my healthy racing weight is somewhere between 147-153 depending on the day, I was stripping muscle to get there. I was never truly recovering and fueling in a way to achieve protein synthesis. I'm still early days, but to achieve a new max power, simply coming out a turn, on a group ride indicates that I have more room to increase. And this was NEVER on my radar as a possibility. I feel strong, fit, and fresh.

If you're at a place where you want to get more serious about training, question if your best days are behind you or simply want to make a real lifestyle change to experience your best days ahead, text/call/email Matt or Chris. You won't regret it. I promise. - Josh G.

Dana Baubach, Florida
Chris's knowledge and experience

I have been working with Chris for a short time now, but I am already seeing results because of her guidance. Using her knowledge and experience, she has helped me to make adjustments to my diet and lifestyle that will impact me for the rest of my life. Her heart and passion to help others achieve their optimum health is much noticed. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a lifestyle change and wanting to make a positive difference in their lives.

I'm so proud of you for following the plan and trusting my knowledge to help you reach your goals!

Ryan Hermann
Chris Is A Rockstar! "I have lost fat, gained muscle, and improved in athletic performance!"

Chris is an incredible wealth of knowledge with the ability to immediately apply that knowledge practically. She is constantly growing and staying on top of the latest research to provide the greatest care for her clients. She has greatly helped me in understanding nutrition as a whole and what I need as an athlete and just truly living a healthy lifestyle on the daily. With her guidance I have lost fat, gained muscle, and improved in athletic performance! There hasnt been a time that I didn't learn something when talking to her. You rock Chris!

I am so glad U-20 could help with your transformation.
I am always excited to hear from my customers and will continue to strive to bring new and innovative products to market.

Robin Matthews 1
30 Day Challenge

I will be 60 years old in September and I suffered from extreme hot flashes, bloating,insomnia ,lack of energy. But after talking to Chris about ALL my issues she told me about U-20 and changing my eating habits and meal plans I lost 30 lbs in 27 days❤️ I did the U-20 two times a day! U-20 changed my Life and I want to Thank Chris for helping me❤️

Thanks for sharing Robin! I love telling people about your transformation!

Matt Tanner
Staying lean with lots of energy

Chris is my wife, but she's been coaching me since we met in 2011. When we met, I drank red bull and ate Subway like it was a healthy food. Over the years, I've experimented with different styles of diet (plant based, keto, carnivore, etc.) and Chris has helped me to learn the short comings of each diet as it pertains to my fitness needs as a cyclist.

Today, I'm 48 and able to stick at my goal weight of 160lbs. My power on the bike is higher than it's ever been in my life and I'm competing at events around the world with kids in their 20's.

Thank you Chris for your guidance over the years and your passion for helping people find good health. I love you!