Why is it so important to supplement

Why do we need to supplement our diets? Why not just eat real food every day like our ancestors did? I get asked this question quite often. There are many factors why modern society needs to supplement for a whole and well rounded diet. 

The way we grow our crops in the past 50 years has changed dramatically. We have introduced pesticides and chemicals to our soil all over the world which has made our soil (even organic farming) contaminated. These contaminates are not only in the soil but also in our air. 

The modern lifestyle, work, play, exercise all include technology that gives off EMF and other toxins into our bodies too. 

Medications are prevalent in most peoples lives. Medications inhibit the ability to absorb many nutrients from the food we are eating. 

And one of the biggest issues with just eating real food is...

As we age, we no longer can extract all the nutrients in the food we eat every day!

So if you factor all the reasons why you should supplement, you should start taking GOOD quality supplements ASAP. 

One last argument people have brought up is the fact that our ancestors didn't take supplements. Well, yes they did. 2000 years ago man was taking herbs and essential oils like frankincense and Muir to stay healthy. Even the animal kingdom uses supplements when they need them. 

So if you want to stay out of the doctors office and keep yourself as healthy as you can, take supplements that YOUR body needs. Get a blood test and find out what your body is missing and fill those gaps to lead a healthy and vibrant life. 

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